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Elevator Cab Wall Protection

Traditional elevator cab pads and curtains are poor solutions.

Door Guard's easy-to-install customized elevator protection virtually eliminates damage.

The world's most respected elevator protection products

The world's most prestigious buildings rely on Door Guard.

  1. 1 World Trade Center

    New York, NY

  2. United Nations

    New York, NY

  3. Boston Public Library

    Boston, MA

  4. Empire State Building

    New York, NY

  5. Federal Reserve Bank

    Boston, MA

  6. Hines

    San Francisco, CA

  7. Museum of Modern Art

    New York, NY

  8. Park Tower

    New York, NY

  9. PNC Bank

    Pittsburgh, PA

  10. Prudential Center Tower

    Boston, MA

  11. Rolex Realty

    New York, NY

  12. Rockefeller Center

    New York, NY

  13. Top of the Rock

    New York, NY

  14. US Capitol Building

    Washington, DC

  1. ThyssenKrupp
    Philadelphia, PA
    This was the perfect option for this facility. After the installation took place, I spoke with the managers of the building and they were blown away with this product.
    Keith Gilbert, Account Manager
  2. Park Tower
    New York, NY
    The usefulness that the Door Guard product has afforded us has far exceeded my original expectations.We have recently upgraded our cab interiors to high end polished wood and your product is not only easy to install and remove but affords superior protection to the walls and ceilings. We rarely use elevator pads as your product is so easy to use.
    Raymond Tocci, Park Tower Management
  3. Hines
    San Francisco, CA
    We are using your interior cab protection and it is working wonderfully. Very easy to install. We also test drove the Door Liner protection.
    Domingo de la Serna, Chief Engineer

Eliminate Cab Damage

  1. Instantly converts a passenger elevator into a freight elevator
  2. Double or triple your building freight elevator capacity in just minutes
  3. Move tenants in faster with less overtime and less business disruption
  4. Vastly improves the sustainability of your most important building asset
  5. Can be customized to fit any cab configuration
  6. Elevator is fully operational when cab liner is installed
  7. Durable for years of reliable use
  8. Stores in a 2-3 square foot area
  9. Easy to clean and maintain
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