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Elevator Cab Protection

Cab Pads are a waste of money. Our Cab Liner provides complete elevator cab protection.

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Complete Cab Protection

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  • Cab Liner
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A typical Cab Liner can be installed by one person in less than 5 minutes and generally in less than 10 minutes if a custom Ceiling Liner is ordered. If you just installed new elevators, are modernizing existing ones, or just want cab protection for your elevator, then a Cab Liner will exceed your expectations. Unlike cab pads, the Cab Liner will store neatly in just 2-3 square feet of floor space. All panels are fabricated with a 1 inch thick foam substrate and laminated with a very durable acrylic veneer.

  1. Eliminate Cab Damage

    Our standard Cab Liner is a 1 inch thick modular cab protection system designed to eliminate damage to your interior cab walls, jambs, headers and control operating panels (COP). Our cab pads are made with a very tough foam substrate laminated with a tough .060" thick Acrylic/PVC surface. Laminates are available in 6 distinctive colors to match any building decor.

  2. Fully Customizable

    Cab operating features such as call buttons, cameras, mirrors, hand rails, directional lights and floor indication lights are exposed so the elevator is fully operational while our cab protection is in place. Our standard wall height is up to 96 inches with the option to go to any height.

  3. Complete Protection

    When it comes to handrails, we have three distinct designs. Our standard design allows for one wall split to expose the handrail. You can order the option to also cover the handrail. Or you can order the non-split wall with the handrail covered. In this design, we will place the panel in front of the handrail with permanent spacers behind the wall panel creating a false wall. To order the most complete elevator cab protection on the market today, ask us about our Ceiling Liner.

Total Elevator Cab Protection

  1. Features
    • The cab liner protects three interior walls and Control Operating Panels
    • Versatile Design
    • Tough laminate surface
    • Lightweight
    • Thin tough panels
    • Compact for storage
    • Requires custom tool to operate locking system
    • Available in 6 attractive colors
    • Class A fire rated
  2. Benefits
    • Instantly converts a passenger elevator into a freight elevator
    • Double or triple your building freight elevator capacity in just minutes
    • Move tenants in faster with less overtime and less business disruption
    • Vastly improves the sustainability of your most important building asset
    • Unique locking system prevents unauthorized panel removal
    • Living hinge allows wall panels to unfold inside of cab for easy install, de-install and ease of storage
    • Elevator is fully operational when cab liner is installed
    • Can be customized to fit any cab configuration
    • Easy to clean and maintain
    • Durable for years of reliable use
    • Uses only 150 lbs of load capacity
    • Panels are only one inch thick maximizing cab entrance and interior freight loading capacity
    • Stores in a 2-3 square foot area
  3. Options
    • Ceiling Liner

      Use your cab to transport anything you can imagine with this re-usable feature. Install only when necessary to reduce installation time.

    • Wall Height Extension

      Extend your cab wall height above 8 feet to maximize your cab protection

    • Split Wall with Handrail Exposed

      Accommodate additional handrails without compromising the space available for freight.

    • Split Wall with Handrail Covered

      Protect your handrails while maintaining maximum freight capacity.

    • Non-Split Wall with Handrail Covered

      Cover your wall and handrail with one folding panel fabricated with permanent spacers to create a false wall.

    • Additional Cab Door

      Protect the Button Panel of additional side or rear doors for freight and service cars.

    • Extra Cab Features

      Expose mirrors, cameras, directional lights, video screens, etc. to ensure uninterrupted elevator operation.

    • Ceiling Access Panel

      Allow access for transporting construction and other materials exceeding the cab ceiling height with this removable panel.

    • Cab Door Surface Protection

      Protect your cab door interiors by covering them with a temporary, custom, laminated surface.

    • Locking Tool

      The Locking Tool is a uniquely designed wrench to install and de-install your Cab Liner and/or Door Liner.

Color Selections

By offering an array of different colors, we hope to provide you with options that match your lobby decor.

  1. Burlap
  2. Khaki Brown
  3. Moccasin
  4. Pewter Gray
  5. Slate
  6. Wood Drift
NOTE: Please note that the digital color samples shown on this page offer approximations of the requested colors and are for guidance: colors are to be used for the purpose of general color representation. The displayed color will depend on your monitor and browser. Customers concerned with accurate color matches are advised to make the final judgment on a physical sample.