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Interior Wall Protection

Protect your showcase lobby and every wall you have!

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Protect Your
Showcase Lobby

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Protect any interior building wall in your corporate portfolio with Door Guard's wall protection system available in 48" x 96" reusable panels. Wall Guard is fabricated with the same tough laminated paneling used in our Cab Liner and Door Liner to provide a color-coordinated, professional looking wall protection system for your building. Wall Guard can also be customized to fit any wall configuration and reception area.

  1. Complete Wall Protection

    Our Wall Guard products offer a very professional method to protect your lobby area while complementing your elevator cab protection and cab entrance protection using our Cab Liner and Door Liner. Rather than using Masonite, cardboard, and painters tape for tenant moves or construction build-outs, why not go the extra step by installing a Wall Guard system for your lobby walls and reception desks. Wall Guard is fabricated with the same 1 inch thick paneling used in our elevator cab protection and door protection.

  2. Fully Customizable

    It can be purchased in either standard 48" x 96" sheets or customized to fit your exact wall configuration. The customized version can be designed and fabricated to fit every corner, molding, doorway, and fixture to your exact specifications.

  3. Fits all Walls

    It is particularly suited to protect fine woods, glass, marble, and metals from damage. Wall Guard is fastened to walls using 3M's new Command adhesive strips which are removable from nearly any commercial wall surface.

Complete Interior Wall Guard Protection

  1. Features
    • Made of a tough foam polymer
    • Versatile Design
    • Available in tough Acrylic laminate
    • Lightweight
  2. Benefits
    • Eliminates dents and scratches to valuable interior building walls
    • Fastens to any wall with 3Ms Command Adhesive Strips
    • Add-on panels also available
    • Reusable panels to protect any wall in any building
    • Customized option for re-use on any wall structure
    • Provides a tough durable exterior surface retaining its aesthetic appearance longer
    • Available in 6 distinctive solid colors to coordinate with any decor
    • 48" x 96" sheets weigh less than 30 lbs
    • Handles easily for fast installation for movers and facility personnel
    • Efficient handling and storage
  3. Options
    • Corporate Logo - Small

      Brand your order with your own custom logo or corporate artwork | SMALL - up to 6" in diameter.

    • Corporate Logo - Medium

      Brand your order with your own custom logo or corporate artwork | MEDIUM - up to 12" in diameter.

    • Corporate Logo - Large

      Brand your order with your own custom logo or building photograph | LARGE - up to 46" x 96" panel.

    • Adhesive Strips

      3M Command Strips selected to keep your Wall Guard firmly against interior building walls; package of 3.

Color Selections

By offering an array of different colors, we hope to provide you with options that match your lobby decor.

  1. Burlap
  2. Khaki Brown
  3. Moccasin
  4. Pewter Gray
  5. Slate
  6. Wood Drift
NOTE: Please note that the digital color samples shown on this page offer approximations of the requested colors and are for guidance: colors are to be used for the purpose of general color representation. The displayed color will depend on your monitor and browser. Customers concerned with accurate color matches are advised to make the final judgment on a physical sample.