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We strive to stand out from the crowd by providing the most durable, easy-to-use, yet attractive temporary elevator protection at a lower price than required to refurbish a cab after a single tenant move.

  1. History

    With 30 years experience in the plastics industry and having observed several large corporate moves first hand, Mr. Hartley thought there was an opportunity to protect the buildings’ elevators and the client’s furniture, and still maintain the professional look of an upscale lobby. After several different prototypes and market research with facilities professionals, movers, building owners and managers, the first Door Guard was patented and sold. In 2005, Briane Hartley began with one employee fabricating elevator door protection in his garage in Pittsburgh PA. Mr. Hartley very quickly had to move to a larger facility to accommodate the overwhelming response to Door Guard's cab protection.

  2. Customer Value

    Door Guard believes that Customer Value = Benefits - Price charged for its products. Door Guard strives to provide the most durable, easy-to-use, yet attractive temporary elevator protection at a lower price than required to refurbish a cab after a single tenant move. The Cab Liners are designed to easily convert any passenger cab to a freight elevator by one person in less than 5 minutes.

  3. Vendor Philosophy

    Our vendors have played a crucial role in helping Door Guard introduce its protective products. Many vendors have offered unique solutions to difficult challenges in Door Guard’s product development. Most notable are 3M, Inpro, and Old Dominion Freight Line. Door Guard believes all customer/supplier relationships require a continuous evaluation to insure both organizations strip out the “hidden costs” to business. This requires a vigilant assessment of the “total cost” of buying products and services. There are many ways to streamline processes at both buyer and seller to reduce the total cost to buy and supply needed products.

  4. Veteran Owned

    Mr. Hartley was a decorated Vietnam Veteran, having served in combat with the 101st Airborne Division. The company seeks out veterans in the local area to provide the very highest quality custom products to the building industry. Door Guard employees have represented their country in the Vietnam War, Korean War, and the current campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan. Door Guard strongly believes it can achieve both its growth and quality objectives most effectively by giving these highly trained and disciplined workers an opportunity to contribute their valuable skills and knowledge.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our most frequently asked questions regarding elevator protection, our products, and everything Door Guard.

  1. What makes a Door Liner unique?

    Door Liners were designed for facility managers, contractors and commercial movers to protect the entrances to elevator cabs. They are very easy to use, handle, carry and store, as well as light and strong. The three customized panels lock in the front door jamb of any entryway in less than 30 seconds, without the need for awkward straps, Velcro or suction cups. More importantly, unlike other products, you can use Door Liners and still have operational use of the elevator.

  2. What makes a Cab Liner unique?

    Cab Liners are designed for ease of installation, transportation and storage and fabricated with the same laminated foamed polymer as Door Guard’s Door Liners. Cab liners are designed to protect all interior walls of an elevator including all control panels. Cab Liners are customized for the dimensions and unique configuration of each elevator. Cab Liners effectively allow the facility manager to temporarily convert a passenger elevator to a service car in less than 5 minutes.

  3. What is the foamed co-polymer used in the Door and Cab Liner panels?

    The foamed panels are made from a proprietary co-polymer. This space-age polymer offers a unique set of performance properties to produce laminated panels rigid enough to remain locked in place, yet offers sufficient shock absorption to ensure no damage is done to the cab interior.

  4. How many sets of Door Liners do I need in my building?

    In an office building, we recommend a set of Door Liners at the elevator door entrance on the floor where the furniture or equipment is typically loaded and a set on the floor where the furniture is exiting. Most building managers find two sets of Door Liners adequate for a 5-20 floor office building, depending on the number of tenants and the building function. In many cases most upper floors are sufficiently similar enabling Door Guard to design one set to fit all upper floors.

  5. Why is the Door Liner so easy to install?

    Door Liners are designed with a patented locking mechanism to ensure a firm, tight fit between the entrance header and the threshold. The locking mechanism is designed to move toward the header when operated with the proprietary locking wrench. It is easily removed by simply applying a little more pressure to unlock the lock latch.

  6. Besides office buildings, where else can these protective liners be used?

    Door and Cab Liners can be used in any elevator you wish to prevent dents, mars or scratches from abnormal use, such as the movement of office furniture and equipment or just day to day cartage. However, there are many other functional uses in nursing homes, schools and hospitals. Functionally, they are ideal for commercial movers, and for builders and developers during building, construction and renovation.

  7. Will Door Liners fit my entryway?

    Like Cab Liners, Door Liners are customized to each entrance.

  8. Is your product warranted?

    WARRANTY: One (1) year manufacturer's warranty indicating both cab liner and door liner is free of defects in material and workmanship. Warranty will not cover normal wear and tear, damage incurred during transportation, installation, de-installation, nor Locking Plate compression exceeding 70 pounds, or if not stored in accordance with manufacturer's recommendations as described in all installation instruction sheets. Unauthorized modifications will nullify the warranty.

  9. How do I get a price quote?

    Simply go to the "Quote" tab on the "Orders" page to get started. Using the quote sheet form, you may select your desired products, accessories, & associated costs to calculate a preliminary price quote. Save a copy for yourself and submit the form. You can call us if you have any questions at 724-695-8936 or email us at [email protected].