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Custom Elevator Protection

We customize our cab protection to our customer's elevators to totally eliminate cab damage - something that cab pads or blankets simply cannot provide.

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The Finest Elevator Protection in North America

With over 5,000 customers and counting we often tell our clients "one person can convert even their most expensive passenger cab to a freight elevator in less than 5 minutes." That’s a tall order for anyone in the elevator business, but the need for a freight elevator can occur at any time, even daily. Think of the following situations you might face:

  1. Construction Projects

    Construction projects without a freight car often leave the facility manager with little option but to devote one passenger car to the project and enclose it with plywood and Styrofoam. Now you can install our elevator cab protection and continue to operate it as a passenger car. Even with a freight car in the building you can add more freight car capacity with a Cab Liner and complete the job faster, reducing costs and with less inconvenience to your existing tenants.

  2. Loss of Freight Car

    Your freight car just went down or you anticipate it going down for 3-4 months for repairs. Now you can convert a passenger cab to a freight car and not skip a beat.

  3. Passenger Car Damage

    Your building does not have a freight car and your passenger cars are starting to show unsightly scratches, dents and breakage due to tenant moves and daily cartage.

  4. Cab Modernizations

    You just modernized your cabs or anticipate doing so. Now you can keep your cab looking like new for years to come with our elevator cab protection.

  5. Old Cab and Small Budget

    Many cabs may look tired but the COOP board or management just doesn’t have the money for modernizing them. Using our Cab Liner you can greatly improve the look for years for a tenth the cost.

  6. Faster Tenant Move-in

    Your new prospective tenant is considering your building but needs to move in half the time your existing freight car capacity will allow. What if you could offer a faster move in and reduce their costly business downtime because you now have elevator protection you can rely on?

  7. "Swing Car" Damage

    When your car doubles as a passenger cab and service car, the day-to-day damage from cartage occurs quickly and can be severe. Traditional cab pads do not prevent damage, they only cover it up. You still have to repair or replace the cab at some point.

Our Customers

We truly care about providing quality products for our customers. We open our services to all and take on every project on an individual basis to offer the finest elevator protection in North America.

  1. ThyssenKrupp
    Philadelphia, PA
    This was the perfect option for this facility. After the installation took place, I spoke with the managers of the building and they were blown away with this product.
    Keith Gilbert, Account Manager
  2. Park Tower
    New York, NY
    The usefulness that the Door Guard product has afforded us has far exceeded my original expectations.We have recently upgraded our cab interiors to high end polished wood and your product is not only easy to install and remove but affords superior protection to the walls and ceilings. We rarely use elevator pads as your product is so easy to use.
    Raymond Tocci, Park Tower Management
  3. Hines
    San Francisco, CA
    We are using your interior cab protection and it is working wonderfully. Very easy to install. We also test drove the Door Liner protection. They work fine as well. Very good product. I will definitely recommend you if you need a reference from anyone.
    Domingo de la Serna, Chief Engineer
  1. 1 World Trade Center

    New York, NY

  2. Boston Public Library

    Boston, MA

  3. CBRE

  4. Cushman Wakefield

  5. Empire State Building

    New York, NY

  6. Federal Reserve Bank

    Boston, MA

  7. FirstService Residential

  8. Hines

    San Francisco, CA

  9. Jones Lang LaSalle

  10. Kone Elevator

  11. Museum of Modern Art

    New York, NY

  12. Notre Dame Hesburgh Library

    Notre Dame, IN

  13. Otis Elevator Company

  14. Park Tower

    New York, NY

  15. PNC Bank

    Pittsburgh, PA

  16. Prudential Center Tower

    Boston, MA

  17. Rolex Realty

    New York, NY

  18. Schindler Elevator Corporation

  19. Starwood Hotel

    Stamford, CT

  20. ThyssenKrupp Elevator

  21. Top of the Rock

    New York, NY

  22. US Capitol Building

    Washington, DC

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